The popular game of lawn bowling, or ‘bowling on the green,’ dates back more than 700 years around the world and over 100 years here in Scugog Township.

In 2008, the Port Perry Lawn Bowling Club held its centennial celebration, marking 100 years since George Gerrow served as the first president of the local club in July 1908. In its first year, there were nearly two dozen charter members. Today, the club boasts nearly 60 members.

The club’s history reaches back to a small parcel of land on Queen St., where the first set of greens was established in 1909. The area, now known as Reflection Park, grew over the years with the addition of cement wall boundaries and electric lights.

The young club was honoured in 1953 when Merlin W. Letcher served as president of the Provincial Lawn Bowling Association of Ontario.

The club remained in Port Perry’s downtown core until August 1986, when it moved to its present location, a two-acre site on Old Simcoe Rd