Short Mat Bowling

This Short Mat Bowls format is similar to standard Lawn Bowls.The significant difference is that it is played indoors. This allows the game to be played at any time of year. Given the Canadian climate, this method is ideal for those who want to play, whatever the weather.

short mat lawn bowlsThe game is played on a 45 foot long x 6 foot wide mat with regular lawn bowls. A heavier ‘jack’ is also used. As in regular lawn bowls, the aim is to get your bowl or (wood) closer to the ball than any of the opposing players. The game is played by two teams of 1 (Singles), 2 (Pairs), 3 (Triples) or 4 (Fours) players per side.

The disciplines are as follows:

Singles – 4 woods per player

Pairs – 2, 3 or 4 woods per player depending on the competition

Triples – 2 woods per player

Fours – 2 woods per player

Mat Layout

As you can see the game is played over a shorter length than the traditional outdoor flat green game. The carpet is between 40-45ft and 6ft wide.  A standard outdoor green is between 100′ and 130′ long. At the ends of the mat, there is a fender. There is a white line 1′ from the fender which represents the ditch.

Equipment and Skillsshort mat lawn bowls

Equipment to be used is the same as that for playing on an outdoor green. The ‘jack’ or ‘kitty’ is heavier. The heavier weight is to stop the jack from bouncing and injuring players. The skill requirement is identical regardless of the playing surface. A good ‘eye’ and a good ‘feel’ are necessary for both modes of play. Keeping your body as close to the playing surface as possible is important as well as arm speed necessary to bowl the required length of the green or mat.


Short Mat Bowling

Short mat bowling is a part of lawn bowling, which is played all the time during a year. This game is not affected by any weather conditions and short mat bowls also do not require permanent location because the mats can be rolled up and can be transferred to any other venue. So small communities show interest in this type of a format.

Short Mat Bowling

These short mat bowls because of its versatility can be played in hotels, schools, colleges, social clubs, and even in village hills. Short mat bowls is famous in such areas because there is space restriction and this sport is perfect for such locations.


Lawn Bowling – How to Play?

The balls are unsymmetrical in nature and travels in a curved path. The main objective of the game is to place the ball as close as possible to the jack. There are different techniques used by the players while rolling the ball on the ground. Before throwing the ball, the player has to hold the ball strongly in his hand. He must feel the bowl and understand which side of the bowl is biased. The player must position his middle finger along the edge of the ball so that he can get the grip.

How to Play

The edge or the running edge is the line that directly runs between the shaved sides and the face of the bias. If a player grips the bowl perfectly then he can throw it in a perfect direction. While getting into the position to roll the bowl, the player must stand in a perfect position. The player must keep his shoulders square and aim to the line on which he is going to roll the bowl.

Rolling the Ball

Before rolling the bowl, the player should step forward a little towards the throw line. He must bend his legs and roll the ball smoothly on the grass. For stability, he can lean his free arm against the leg. This Lawn Bowling might look like a simple game but it requires every part of your body to get involved in the work. By following the steps, the player can reach to his maximum and with utmost stability, he can score with ease. But this is not the end. The player must use his index finger and thumb to keep the bowl stable on each side.

Rolling the Ball

Before the match, the players used to practice a lot on the playing ground. This is a very useful technique as by practicing on the same ground a player can understand the field a lot. If the grass on the ground is short, the bowling ball will move very fast and also if the ground is wet the ball will move fast. The player should first judge the distance of the target or the jack from his position and try to bowl the ball accordingly. There are two types of throwing the ball, one is forehand bowl and other is backhand bowl.






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