Scoring Program

Bowls Scoring program:


  • PPLBC had errors in tournaments both in-house & District
    • Addition / calculation mistakes
    • This led to incorrect teams playing each other
    • In some cases prize initially awarded to incorrect team – embarrassing!
  • Time consuming to maintain scores & setup for next game
  • Difficult to ensure teams do not play each other more than once
  • Difficult to have teams not play on the same rink more than once
  • Hard to find replacement or trainee Drawmasters


  • Follow the Draw Master Handbook provided by the OLBA
  • First game to be “Random” draw – each team to draw a card indicating opposing team and rink to play on
  • Teams Must Not play each other more than once
  • Where possible team will not play on same rink more than once
  • Maximum of score of 1.5 time the number of ends, any excess counted as Plus points


  • Internet did not provide any solutions that meet the OLBA Draw Master requirements
    • There was a commercial program that met some of the requirements, but was very expensive
    • All other spreadsheet solutions were geared to round-robin and ladder tournaments, and did not rank teams, assign greens, etc.
  • I decided to develop a program that will automate the process in order to help out my club and make it easier and less error prone
  • Microsoft Excel was chosen as the basic building block, with its macro language for programming the automation


  • Less error prone
  • anyone can keep track of the scoring without knowing all the ins and outs
  • speed of setting up next game
  • automatically calculates “Plus” points and team rank
  • Identify tournament winner, and various others such as 1 game high, 2 game high, etc. for prizes
  • display ongoing results for everyone to see using a TV or projector
  • automated printing of score cards

The Program:

  • Handles the OLBA Draw Master requirements
  • Handles up to 4 greens of 8 rinks (32 rinks)
  • Max of 64 teams
  • Ability to eliminate rinks that are not to be used
  • All teams are ranked based on win/loss, points For, margin (difference between For & Against, including Plus points)
  • Ordering is done by Total rank of games played
    • Program may modify this to ensure teams do not play each other again
  • First game teams assigned random rinks
  • For second game, winners are assigned outer rinks working towards middle for lowest ranks .
  • For third game or last game, winners are assigned middle rinks working towards outer rinks for lowest ranks
  • Try to ensure team does not play on same rink more than once, but in some cases this is not possible, as winner to loser order has priority over rink assignment
  • Currently set up to handle up to 3 games
  • Currently only handles even number of teams (Bye processing for odd number of teams may be a future enhancement)
  • Greens are labeled 1 to 4, Rinks are labeled 1 to 8
    • So if you are playing on Green 1 Rink 4 the program will show this as Rink 1-4
  • Creates customized scorecards for each team and game that can be printed if desired

Microsoft Excel Requirements

  • Excel Version 2007 or higher
  • Must allow “Macro” processing
    • So only Windows or Macintosh
    • Will run on Linux if using Wine emulator
    • Will not run on Chromebook or Android (no Macro capability)

Hardware Requirements

  • Minimal “PC”
    • 1GHZ processor
    • 1GB Memory
    • Older laptop or desktop can be repurposed for this process
  • TV, large monitor or projector if you want to show the ongoing results
  • Optional printer


Demo of Scoring Program