How to Bowl

First Things First

NO LOFTING OR THROWING!  Doing this will severely damage the fragile lawn.  The bowl is rolled from the hand.  The bowl rolls in an ark or curve.  It is not weighted.  It is made with a bias on the side with the small circle and will arch or curve in that direction.  You should aim a couple of feet either side of the Jack.

When It’s Your Turn

(The Enquirer/Randy Mazzola)
(The Enquirer/Randy Mazzola)

Place the mat with the leading edge 6 feet 6 Inches from the ditch edge and

centered in the RINK. This is done by turning the mat, the long way, over twice, starting from the edge of the ditch

You must stand on the mat “With Both Feet” when you roll the jack and your bowl.

The game begins by rolling the jack down the rink.  It must go past the second hog line! The hog line is the small white marker on the edge of the rink.

Next, the jack is moved to the center of the rink.  Stand on the mat and have your teammate move the jack to centerline, the Rink Number Marker is the center.

How To Bowl

Stand with both feet on the mat.

Aim your feet at the corner of the Rink

Aim at the RIGHT corner if you want the bowl to curve to the LEFT.

AIM at the LEFT corner if you want the bowl to curve to the RIGHT.

Make sure the SMALL CIRCLE is on the side you want to have the bowl curve. If the small circle is on left side, aim right and the bowl will curve to the left. If the small circle is on the right side, aim left and the bowl will curve to the right.

Crouch down so the bowl touches the ground.  Next, swing your arm back and deliver the bowl rolling from your hand onto the rink without lofting.  Follow through with your hand.

NOTE: You do not have to throw the bowl as it does not take more than the back swing to move the bowl down the rink.

As they say “Practice makes Perfect!” or at least better!