For Sale

A member of the community has a set of black Taylor Lignoid Size 0 with Henselite case and measure for $50.00. These bowls are WBB stamped “10” and have “Coaching” logo.

Club Bowls

All of our Club Bowls have been cleaned and polished – Sale price – $40.00

If interested, or you want further information, please email: and specify “Bowls for Sale” as the subject.

SizeColour(s)MakeOther designationsBag/Case/BoxStatus
0/00No “00” or “0”s left
1Black/redHenseliteSupergripBox- Henselite
1Black/white/redBrewerHO (?)Box -Henselite
1Dark brown/orangeBrewer“Star of David”White/black bag
1Black/orangeHenseliteSupergripBlue bag (+ shoes!)
1Black/orangeHenseliteSupergripRed Globus bag
2Black/yellowHenseliteSupergripBox- Taylor/open
2Black/whiteDunlopBox- Taylor/open
3Black/goldHenselite“sea horse”Light Green Henselite case
3 or 4 ?Black/goldHenselite“Langford”Dark green case
4Black/red??????????Box –Taylor bowls
4Black/gold/whiteHenseliteClassic HeavyBox- Taylor bowls Open
4Light BrownTownsend & Clark“Toronto”Box Taylor Lignoid Open
4Brown/green(Tetley)JacqueliteTurquoise case
4Brown/yellowTyroliteBig black case
4Brown/creamTownsend & Clark“Champion”Old brown case
4Black/redThomas TaylorLignoidLarge turquoise bowling bag
4Black/green/whiteDunlop“GT”/Aussie mapSmall brown bag
4Black/yellowHenseliteSupergripGrey bowling bag
5Brown/cream/redBrewer“a crown”Small light brown case
5Brown/blue/TetleyThomas TaylorBryant’s DrakeliteFaded red bag
5Brown/blueTaylorLignoidLarge floppy blue bag
5 or 6 ?Black/orange????Weird grip groovesDirty white Taylor bag